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Relocation assistance for the everyday mover.

We locate quality providers, negotiate prices, & schedule the services you need.

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Our process is simple.

We take pride in simplifying your moving experience.

1. Tell us your moving needs.

Movers, cleaning service, lawn service…you name it.  We’ll even help you find a great neighborhood.

2. We’ll find providers and negotiate a great price.

Rely on our experience to get the best deal.  Let us do the searching for you.

3. We schedule everything to meet your timeline.

No need to call a bunch of movers. You have enough going on.

Moving Services

  • Full-Service Movers
  • Packers & Loaders
  • Transport Only
  • Auto Shipping

Home Services

  • Maid / Carpet Cleaning
  • Handyman / Painting Services
  • Lawn Service
  • Cable / Internet / Utilities

Location Services

  • Neighborhood Analysis
  • Realtor Matching
  • Rental Property Search
  • Miscellaneous Requests

Learn why Muv-Me is the only way to move.

Our process is simple, because moving is complicated. Our service is affordable, because moving is expensive. We’ll save you hours online and on the phone, guarantee competitive pricing, and ultimately make your life easier.

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The Muv-Me concept came about during my family’s relocation from San Francisco to Atlanta. I started planning months in advance, and was determined the move wasn’t going to get the best of me. Having spent over a decade in the military, my wife and I were experienced movers. Even so, somewhere between comparing a mountain of auto-generated quotes, scheduling a carpet cleaning, and locating a storage unit, I was reminded that relocating is always a hassle. All I could think was, I wish someone else could do this for me. Someone to find and schedule quality service providers…someone to keep me organized…someone to make all the phone calls and do the things I really don’t have time to do.

That’s exactly what we’ve created. There’s really no reason to move any other way.

– Sam Thurmond, Founder

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What our clients are saying.

  • “Sam & Travis were awesome. They explained my moving options, and got me a great deal.”

    Vic Thompson – Santa Monica, CA

  • “Incredible service. Made for a super easy move and saved me over $500!”

    Lance Watson – Glendale, AZ

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What are Muv-Me’s fees?

We tailor our service to meet your specific needs and charge an up-front fee based on the details of your move.  Our service almost always pays for itself through the discounted vendor prices we negotiate.

How much notice do you need?

The sooner the better, but we recognize things happen last minute.  The earlier we can engage movers and other service providers, the better deal we’ll be able to get you.  We require a minimum of two weeks notice for long distance moves, and a week for local moves.

How are vendors paid?

Muv-Me is here to negotiate and coordinate the services you choose. We’ll get you a great price, but payments for services rendered by providers are between you and that provider.

What if I don’t know exactly what services I need during my move?

No worries. We always schedule an initial phone consultation to discuss your move. We’ll make suggestions and tell you your options so you can make informed decisions. Our goal is to make your move easy and save you money.

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    Start moving with ease.

    Tell us about your move – Ask us any questions you have!